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With WVS1 Trading Inc., we are focused on becoming an innovative and reliable supplier of high quality products such as various brands and types of Classical Pianos and Church Organs, Ultra Sonic Power Distribution Leakage Detectors, Transformer Loss Tester and Boom truck utility vehicles especially for various power utility companies and cooperatives nationwide. We are also adding our new Boost Organic Fertilizer product to contribute in the Agricultural Industry.

Manila Pianos

It is the largest piano selection and piano rebuilding center in Southeast Asia. We have 100 well prepped upright and grand pianos in our 2 show rooms at all times ready for your inspection.

Steinway pianos, Yamaha pianos, Bosendorfer pianos, Pearl River pianos (World's best-selling piano!), Kawai pianos, Mason Hamlin pianos, Young Chang pianos, Samick pianos, Content Digital Organs, Korg Digital Pianos and Harpsichords.

Philippine's largest piano center with a huge showroom gallery in Makati and a piano restoration facility. We specialize in the rebuilding of Steinway & Sons, Bosendorfer, Yamaha and other grand pianos and the sale of Fazioli, Pearl River, Schimmel, Yamaha, Kawai, Bechstein, Bosendorfer and other pianos.

  • The world’s first and the only Ultrasound inspection device, specifically designed to be operated inside a moving vehicle. Award winner

  • Preventive Maintenance for Distribution, Substation, Transmission Facilities

  • State of the art Ultrasound sensor and module allow the   technician to know exactly when and where there is a problem.

  • By combining the inspection with its integrated diagnosis software program, the technician can determine the severity of the defect and when repair is needed.

  • Proven technology: tested and passed with 93% accuracy.

  • Currently servicing in the U.S., New Zealand, Mexico, Jamaica, Indonesia, Brazil and the Philippines.

Donghae Machinery

Wide variety of imported complete built units of insulated, non – insulated Manlift and Auger crane trucks from South Korea. Established in 1981 and became professional in truck maunted hydraulic cranes. Known for top quality middle – class boom trucks in South Korea.

HV Hipot Transformer Loss Tester

  • Measure transformer No-load current, No-load loss, short circuit voltage, short circuit loss and capacity.

  • Three meters testing methods.

  • When making three phase transformer No-load, load test, the instrument will judge if the wiring is correct automatically, and shows three phase voltage, current vector diagram.

  • Finish load test under 1600kVA below distribution transformer full current for single machine. Finish 2500kVA below distribution transformer load test under 1/3 rated current (Under 1/3 rated current, the instrument can be converted to load loss parameters under rated current.)

  • All test results are corrected automatically. The instrument automatic correction as follows, waveform correction, temperature correction, Non rated voltage correction and non-rated current correction. The test results are more accurate.

  • Real-time clock, recording test date automatically, suitable for storage and management of test results.

  • Built-in panel-type thermal printer, fast print test results.

Boost Foliar Organic Fertilizer

Adding value to the agriculture industry, this organic type of fertilizer is made from Seaweed Kelp extract harvested in the Atlantic. This seaweed extracts are FDA Approved and are proven beneficial on any crop and also to the soil. Boost Foliar Organic Fertilizer shall increase the farmer's yield by an average rate of 20%.

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WVS1 Trading Inc.
Wholesale | Electric Equipment | Boom Truck | Musical Instruments | Organic Fertilizer
4th Floor, Ronac Lifestyle Center,
Paseo de Magallanes, Makati City
1232 PH
WVS1 Trading Inc.
Wholesale | Electric Equipment | Boom Truck | Musical Instruments | Organic Fertilizer
4th Floor, Ronac Lifestyle Center,
Paseo de Magallanes, Makati City
1232 PH

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